Keep in mind if you had or thinking about doing this to someone. Remember it is illegal. Really think about it, would you want someone to do this to you?

Cyberbullying becomes out of control the moment you post that embarrassing video of someone. You could lower someones self esteem through: stealing someones password, doctoring photos, sending threats, and spreading rumors through email, text message, or social networking sites

Bullying through the internet

There are different types of Cyberbullying:

How cyberbullying can effect you or someone you know

Statistics: (bullet)

What to do if it happens to me? No matter what, do not respond to them…That is what they want you to do.

You are not alone and you did NOT do anything to deserve someone to treat you like this! Be sure to tell a adult that you trust. You can also inform the internet provider or cell phone/pager service provider and inform tour local police. But, make sure you do not erase the message they sent you. The police and the internet provider can trace it if you don’t erase it. If they send more, keep them all and do not respond.

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