If they can\'t love you with your clothes on, how can they love you through the hard times?

If you don\'t want the world to see it, then stay strong and don\'t send it.

Your body belongs to you and only you!

What happens in the dark will come into the light.

What is Sexting?

Most teens today are comfortable with putting personal things about their lives online. Posting photos, updating their status messages, sharing rapid-fire texts, and being a click away from friends are the new normal for teens. But this is also creating an environment where teens can make impulsive decisions that can come back to haunt them. One example of this has been in the news a lot lately: sexting.

Taking, sending or receiving naked images is illegal.

So many photos that you send do become public!

Once you press send there is no way to get it back.

If they respect and care about you they wouldn’t have you take a chance.

Statistics – What are the teens really doing with your Text?

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