A bully is mean usually because of insecurity . They might be jealous of you.

You are not the only one, you are loved, and you don\'t have to put up with this. Talk to an adult.

The hurtful words a bully says are only ever one thing...lies.

It\'s not you. The bully is letting out their own frustrations that they don\'t know how to deal with.

What is bullying?

Bullying is “when someone (or a group of people) with more power than you repeatedly uses mean words and actions against you that can be embarrassing and humiliating to you.”

You should take a stand against bullying!
Don’t just stand there and laugh- try saying something- HELP!
What if it was you?

Types of Bullying

Effects of Bullying

How to deal with a bully

Warning words or actions



1-800-4 CHILD and 1-800-273-talk. and talk to a counselor. They will give you advise about handling the situation. You do not have to tell them who you are.

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