Who is Defenders for Children


Who is Defenders for Children?





Provide a brief description of your organization. Is your charity designated as local, national, or international?

Defenders For Children is a all volunteer organization that was formed because Child abuse is effecting all of the people around us. The Upstate has the highest rates of child abuse in our beautiful State of South Carolina. Currently the child abuse rates are increasing the statistics are 1 out 4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys are at risk of being sexually abused. The numbers in some areas have recently been documented to have increased to 1 out of 3 girls at risk of being sexually. This does not include physical abuse, mental abuse and neglect. Defenders for Children is striving to bring public awareness and community involvement including the school, churches and local business. Need to stop the abuse before it happens. This will help stop the cycle of abuse. The children need to feel safe so they can become positive influences in our community.

Describe the program/project for which you are requesting funds and indicate how money will be spent.

Defenders for Children has three running projects that the money is needed to expanded in a faster and more impacting manner through out the community.

One Step Stronger (Teens inspiring Teens and making a difference) Main Website to be launched Mid May.

The Teens Mission:  Teens helping Teens feel safe while facing the unspoken challenges of everyday life.

Teens are inspiring teens and making positive changes in the lives of teens through the One Step Stronger project. Defenders for children has found as that the Teens speak to each other not only about Child Abuse, but other very important challenges and concerns that they deal with everyday. For example, depression, suicide, bullying, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, sexting, domestic abuse in the family, poverty concerns, divorce, sexuality pressures, and more. The teens need to know where to go when to get more direct answers for themselves or their friends that are hurting. We are bringing local Teens to come together to guide us as adults to reach out in a way they will respond. We have a quite few Wade Hampton Students in our lead One Step Stronger committee. Part of this project is creating a resource website where teens can go on and get the basic information of a subject that they are concern about and then the site will guide them to the correct local organization and or number to receive help. The teens will also be creating ongoing marketing/advertising projects, Music/Video Production, Journalism and create empowering events to help bring them together. this is a chance for the young citizens from Middle to High School to step up and make a difference in their lives and the lives of the friends around them.

Blankets of Hope Project
Is a beautiful no-sew blanket that has a monogramed heart with the words saying “Saying You Are Loved” & “You Are Treasured. These blankets are made by the community and given to the abused child as a gift.The Blankets of Hope will be given to the abused children that have been removed from their homes. The blankets will be delivered to the children by their volunteer Guardian ad Litem. The blankets are not just another blanket, this is has been a wonderful way to get the community involved. Each Blanket of Hope Event that we create or a local church, school or business we educate and offer opportunities to make a difference in your community. We also bring exposure to a lot of other local charities, including, Adoption, fostering, mentoring and the Volunteer Guardian ad Litem.

What are the goals and objectives of the program/project?

Blankets of Hope Goals,
Greenville County needs over 800 blankets per year for children that have been removed from their homes. Spartanburg needs around 600 and Anderson County needs over 500 per year.
Our goals:

*   Make sure that each of the scared children receive a Blanket of Hope as a gift from the community.

*   Educate and motivate every citizen in the community to step up and make sure the blanket goal so no child is left out.

*   Encourage & educated man, women and child in the community. Including: What is abuse, how to report abuse, and not abuse. This includes, sexual, physical, verbal and neglect.

One Step Stronger Goals;

*   To save and change the lives of the younger generation.

*   Create a safe place to direct teens toward positive change.

*   Provide the teens with resources for them and their friends a place where they can find someone who will listen and who does care about them when they feel like they are not being heard.

*   Let teens know that it is ok to be themselves and they don’t have to follow the crowd and make the right choices.

*   Teach teens to valuable they are as human beings and how to respect their friends around them

*   Educate the importance on nutrition and taking care of themselves.   It is a huge factor in how they feel.

*   Bring the teens together and open their hearts to help each other. This country is there future and they must do this to help protect the future of their future children.

*   Make Ones Step Stronger to branch out Nationally and creating different branches in different states.

*   Create massive events where teens all over the Country can and will want to take part of.

*   Since we have many teens involved with Defenders for Children and Ones Step Stronger that are in Wade Hampton High School. We would love to have the school to stand beside us to make this happen.

With both projects we want to make a huge change in the World! To break the Cycle of Abuse in the next generation.

What strategies will you employ to implement your program/project?

Blankets of Hope Projects & One Step Stronger.

Marketing through Press, Public Service Announcements, Social Networking, Videos, Music are all powerful tools to reach the community.

Creating unique events, concerts & venues to bring the community and other areas together

Custom videos and commercials to include many celebrities that have already committed to be part of our cause.

Build our Teen music project to have the kids create songs, and sing other songs that move the hearts of many. Teens and children singing opens the hearts of many adults.

What are the benefits to the community or population?

Child abuse affects all areas of are community.  We must stop the cycle.

Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse  and creating a stronger outreach for teens will in reducing:

Violence, Domestic Abuse, Divorce, Bullying, Gangs, Pornography, Prison Numbers, Drugs, Alcohol, Rape, Poverty, Teen Sexuality Activity, Children having Babies, Divorce, Depression/Suicide, Overall Mental Health, Sexuality, peer pressure & etc.

With stronger resources and more education within our community we can help change the path and lives of many children and victims. Also, less money will be needed in the above areas where maybe it can be redirected into other important areas in our community. (Statistics enclosed)

What are the primary sources of funding for your charity?

Due to Defenders for Children being an all volunteer organization and we have a very low we have been able to move forward and progress in a fast pace with the help of the community and the kind donations and their gifts and talents that they offer has what made us grow.