About Us


We are a group of teenagers who want to help you face life’s challenges. Many of us have personally faced these challenges and want to prevent anyone else from going through the same thing. Some of us are here to help because we have friends facing problems and we want to know how to help to them.

Behind every smile is a story; behind every pair of eyes there are struggles. Many teens face challenges against abuse, depression, drugs, peer pressure, bullying, and more. One Step Stonger is striving to make people aware of these silent battles that teens are fighting, so that we can build a community, a world, of people who care and want to take steps into positive directions. One Step Stronger is the weapon in this war of teen struggles. As a group of teens we are creating many ways for teens to reach out to other teens. We want you and other teens to know that they are not alone, are loved, and are important. There is help.

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