We Are The Next Generation

We Are The Next Generation

Teens helping teens
feel safe while facing the unspoken challenges of everyday life.

What brought you here?

Some of you are here because you have a story and you need help. Others of you are wanting to find out how to help your friends or someone you know that is facing a challenge. Or you might be here simply because you care, and you want to be part of helping this generation move into a positive direction.

There are many teens living with problems & pain, many of those problems being a symptom of abuse.

One Step Stronger is here as a resource to find help in order to become, “One Step Stronger”. We are here to break the silence of the issues that teens are facing. This is, Teens-Inspiring-Teens, to break the cycle by getting involved & taking interest in each others lives.

You are not alone. There is Help. We are the generation making America, One Step Stronger.

Click on, “teen concerns,” to find the information you need to get help & answers.

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